About this blog and me

I played with php in my uni, developed uni project with it, so I used to love PHP/MySQL a lot. Later I started my career with it, worked around 2 years, developed several apps and freelance projects with it and started writing this blog (private).

BUT after being introduced with Ruby on Rails, i started to believe that, i spent much time with PHP. Now a days, whenever i think about developing any new web app, my first choice is ROR. its just amazing. “Love is Blind” :-? Sorry, I don’t think so ;)

Professional information

Project Manager
IBacs Limited
UK Based Software solution provider.
BDBL Bhaban, Karwan Bazaar, Dhaka

Worked in Grameen Solutions Ltd as a Senior Software Engineer.

Worked in Evoknow Inc as a Lead Developer

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  1. Shiraz said:

    Salam bro,

    thanks for the tips regarding vmware in Ubuntu hardy heron. You have done a terific job.

    Thanks for sharing

    Belated Eid Mubarrak now that I am at it.

    I can run Windows in Ubuntu now (agian, vmware broke down after upgrading from gutsy to hardy). But how can you run games (without using wine)? F.ex. 3D games installed in windows? I think that in general the graphics is somewhat (normal applications adobe acrobat etc.) slow when windows is run in linux. (Im running my physical partition on the same pc)

    Best regards

    Ma salama

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